Baby Genius Talking Vinko Interactive Hand Puppet with Electronic Sounds by Manhattan Toy

Baby Genius – Products with a Purpose
The Talking Vinko Interactive Hand Puppet encourages creative, emotional, and social skills in young children. This loveable bear speaks 6 phrases when you press his mouth shut: “Hi, my name is Vinko the bear”, “Let’s be friends”, “I’m Vinko and I’m brown”, “Let’s count-1,2,3”, “Let’s play peek-a-boo”, and “You have the best smile!” Talking Vinko Interactive Hand Puppet is part of the Independent Doer stage (age 24-36 months), featuring products that encourage kids to make decisions.

From the award winning Baby Genius DVD series that has been entertaining and enriching young lives for 10 years comes a new selection of delightful, engaging toys true to the mission of “products with a purpose.” These innovative, educational products support the Baby Genius Learn and Grow program developed in partnership Stamford University professor emeritus Dr. Don Roberts. This prestigious program defines the 5 stages of natural growth experienced by young children. As kids transition through their development, every waking moment is a time for exploration, discovery and wonder. The Baby Genius products align with these natural growth stages and encourage learning through age-appropriate interaction with their environment, challenging the child when they are ready for that challenge. Every Baby Genius product is age graded specifically to align with a child’s natural development. At every stage, play is learning, and Baby Genius products engage, enthrall and educate. Whether it’s a soothing, soft plush friend for a 5 month old in the “Safe Haven” phase or a high-quality musical instrument for the creative and expressive 3 year old “Independent Doer”, each is specifically designed and engineered to enhance that phase in a smart and meaningful way. Join your favorite Baby Genius characters; DJ, Frankie, Lola, Vinko, Oboe, Rosie and Tempo for hours of adventure where you can be sure that the product is just right for your child.

Product Features

  • At 9.5 inches, the puppet is easily engaged on a child’s hand and will speak 6 unique, entertaining phrases promoting creative play and storytelling
  • Stimulate and develop the imagination, emotional and social skills of your “Independent Doer” (2-3 years) as the character comes alive on your hand
  • Made from the highest quality fabrics, this velvety soft, interactive friend will be hours of expressive fun

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