KLEEGER Kids Water Sprinkler Toy: Giant Inflatable Fire Hydrant Sprinkler, Attaches To Garden Hose. Sprays Up To 20 Feet! Fun For Boys & Girls, Great for Garden/Backyard (Fire Hydrant)

Get Ready for the Best Summer Ever with the Best, Giant Fire Hydrant Water Sprinkler Toy by Kleeger!

Are you looking for the best summer water toy to offer tons of splashing fun to your little ones?

Do you need a super fun toy to motivate your kids to spend some time outdoors?

Why not get this exciting inflatable Fire Hydrant water sprinkler that will keep your kids entertained outside all summer long?

Introducing the Inflatable, Giant Fire Hydrant Sprinkler Toy by Kleeger!

Your little ones will own the summer with this incredible, giant fire hydrant sprinkler toy that is perfect for your home garden party, backyard games and activities.

Safe and easy to set up, this sprinkler toy will help beat the heat of summer and inspire hours of exciting play for kids aged 18 months and up.

Why You Should Get This Water Sprinkler Toy Today

It’s not a standard little sprinkler, Its fun and draws attention, the kids will love it!

Easy to set up in just minutes – First fill the base of fire hydrant sprinkler with water or sand, (To weigh it down). Than fill it with air, lastly attach it to your garden hose, it will spray up to 20 Feet, depending on the amount of water pressure.

Stable base for safe play – no tipping over. Fill the base with water or sand

Friendly look that boys and girls will love

Giant size (14.75″ W (Width) x 14.75″ L (Depth) x 26″H (Tall When Inflated)

Soft, yet durable materials that will last

Excellent idea for summer parties in the garden

Get It Risk-Free

Backed by our hassle-free 1 year warranty, you have nothing to lose!

Be the Best Parent You Can Be and Offer Your Kids the Most Exciting Summer Ever!

Click “Add to Cart” Now, Before They’re Gone!

Product Features

  • BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT WITH UNLIMITED WATER FUN: Equip your home with the most amazing fun water toy and engage your little ones (or why not grown-ups too) in exciting outdoor games and cool water activities in your own backyard, garden or driveway! Great for babies or toddlers aged 18 months and up, this amazing, giant inflatable fire hydrant sprinkler toy is the best way to add excitement and fun to a boring, hot summer day and keep your children up and out all summer long!
  • SET IT UP IN MINUTES! ATTACHES TO ANY STANDARD GARDEN HOSE: First fill the base of fire hydrant sprinkler with water or sand, (To weigh it down) than fill it with air, lastly attach it to your garden hose, it will spray up to 20 Feet, depending on the amount of water pressure. This sprinkler toy will motivate your little ones to play outside instead of watching TV or playing computer games all day!
  • SOFT & STABLE FOR 100% SAFE PLAY: Designed with your children’s safety in mind, this giant fire hydrant sprinkler toy features a water weighted base (Can be filled with water or sand) that ensures excellent stability and balance (Once it is filled with water or sand), making it perfectly safe for young boys and girls. Keep your mind at peace and rest assured that your toddlers will enjoy safe and carefree play at all times. (Adult supervision is always advised).
  • GIANT SIZE FOR GIANT FUN: Yes this will be a great conversation piece for your kids, they will tell all their friends and feel the most special to have this toy being part of their water toy collection. Its measurements are 14.75″W (Wide) 14.75″D (Deep) & 26″H (Tall).
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: If your kids don’t immediately fall in love with our giant fire hydrant sprinkler toy and enjoy countless hours of summer fun in the garden or backyard, we’ll send your money back! Backed by a 1 year warranty, you have absolutely nothing to lose! So why wait? Order your inflatable whale sprinkler toy today and offer your children the best summer of their lives!

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Kleeger Fire Hydrant Sprinkler Toy For Kids: Family Summer Outdoor Game, Water Sprinkler Splash Toy

The #1 Summer Toy For Kids And Families

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child?

Do you want to keep your kids entertained during the summer and give them a solution to the hot, slow days of August?

Then look no further because we’ve got you covered!

The Kleeger Fire Hydrant Sprinkler Toy is everything you’ve been looking for!

Maximum Fun

Running around in your backyard with the water sprinklers on is a fond childhood memory for most people.

Well, you can now offer the same experience but with even more fun to your kids with this amazing water splashing toy!

The fire hydrant sprinkler is perfect for hot summer days and it’s great for a family fun time, water games, and birthdays!

Perfect Results

The 5.5x6x11” sprinkler toy is bigger than most so it can give your kids the best experience!

The sprinkler will rotate and spray water in every direction and reach up to 8 feet so you can rest assured that your little ones will run, hop, giggle and have the time of their lives in your backyard!

Adorable Design

What’s more fun that enjoying the water spraying all around from a fire hydrant?

This sprinkling toy for kids has a cute fire hydrant design for best experience and maximum results and it’s just great for your children’s imagination and pretend games!

Easy To Install

All you need for the best summer fun is a standard garden hose and some space!

The sprinkling toy is very easy to install so you can be set up within seconds and let your little ones have a blast!

So Get Yours Now Before We Run Out Of Stock!

Just Click “Add To Cart”

Product Features

  • FAMILY FUN UNDER THE SUN: There’s nothing like having some fun family time in the summer and with this amazing sprinkler toy you can make some memories with your little ones in your backyard! The fire hydrant sprinkler toy will splash water all around and make you and your kids laugh, skip and hop, and it’s just perfect for cooling down during a hot summer day.
  • SPLASH ALL AROUND: This amazing sprinkler toy will give you maximum fun for perfect water games on your lawn as it can splash water up to 8ft for best results. And not only that but the cute little fire hydrant will rotate and spray water in every direction so you will end up soaking wet and laughing no matter which way you go!
  • SET IT UP WITHIN SECONDS: No need to worry about wasting time and effort setting the splashing toy up or having to use tools and having the need of a professional. The fire hydrant summer toy can be attached to any standard water hose in your garden within seconds and with no effort, so you can start having fun immediately!
  • THE PERFECT SIZE: Forget about the usual sprinkling toys that are just too tiny to give you the results you need! This fire hydrant sprinkling toy for kids is 5.5” long, 6” wide and 11” tall so you can rest assured that you’ll have the best water fun in your backyard! It is also lightweight at 0.6lb so you can easily carry it to your friend’s house and keep having fun all summer long no matter where you are.
  • ORDER NOW RISK-FREE: We are confident that the fire hydrant sprinkling toy will help you make the best summer memories with your kids, but if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund or a free replacement with no questions asked! Just let us know within a year and we’ll do everything we can to help you out!

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Kleeger Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat Center. Fun Activity For Children And Infants

With the Kleeger Baby Mat, you can bring the Aquarium to them! While Nurturing, Stimulating, and Challenging their mind and body. Simply inflate the border, than fill the mat with tap water from your sink and than seal it with the plug. There are fish and some stars that float around in the mat for your baby to push and try to grab, its so funny to watch your baby try to catch a fish, and the pressure placed on it causes it to go in a different direction, the look on their puzzled face is priceless LOL. You can also place it in the tub to make their splish splash time more fun, your baby will love this. The Kleeger Baby Water Mat is great for Tummy Time (As it is colorful and attractive and will keep them busy, and will most likely give you more breathing time or perhaps some free hands and time to take care of other Mommy/Daddy stuff) & has many benefits for the development of your child Including: Sensory Stimulation, Motor Skills, Cognitive Abilities, And social skills

Product Features

  • The Perfect tummy time activity. “Tummy time helps your infant build strength in his back, legs, arms and neck,” Preparing Him/Her To Be Ready To Explore The World On their Own
  • Enables Learning About Cause And Effect, As The Baby Presses And Moves The Fish Around From Place To Place
  • Lots Of Visual Colors & Movement Which Creates Fun And Excitement
  • Great For Sensory Stimulation, Motor Skills, Cognitive Abilities, And social skills
  • For Ages 3 Months & Up. Products Dimensions: 18″ Tall X 23.5″ Wide X 3″ High

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