Landisun Satin Tie Gryffindor Halloween Costume For Kids 5-13 Year Old

Brand: Landisun. USPTO Registration Number: 4359716
Please note the below 1 star review that Mr. Brandon Hanks left on Oct6, 2017 with photo, this customer didn’t know he should select “Fashion4u Store”, eventually got the wrong tie, no Landisun label on. If you are worrying before purchase, you can contact this customer first to get the correct answer. So to avoid getting the counterfeit tie, please select “Fashion4u Store” to make sure you can receive the UNIQUE authentic Landisun kids Tie and the correct size.

Product Features

  • Avoid counterfeit Landisun quality tie, please select “Fashion4u Store”, the UNIQUE Authentic Landisun kids Tie. Brand: Landisun. USPTO Registration Number: 4359716
  • Condition: New, With Landisun Label on the tie
  • Package: Each Landisun label tie in a Landisun Polybag
  • Length: Fold the tie in two approx 26.5″(total length: 53″), Width: approx 3″, fit most kids
  • Best for regular dressy clothing, parties, church, school and holidays

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