GIANT BIG BUBBLES Wand and Mix – MAKES 2.7 GALLONS! – Bubbles Biggest, Costs Least!

“A Thing of Wonder!”—CNN— “Hypnotizing”—The New Yorker— “Entertain a Whole Backyard of Neighborhood Children”—Washington Post— “2015 Kids Product of the Year” —Creative Child Magazine—

Product Features

  • Send giant bubbles flying, amaze your friends, and scare the neighbors. Huge, easy, outdoor fun for kids ages 6 to 96.
  • This is the world-famous Bubble Thing invented in 1984 by architect David Stein to entertain his little daughter. Often imitated, it still bubbles biggest by far. (Unless you invest in building your own equipment.)
  • The 90-inch fabric loop is woven to absorb and release maximum bubble soap. The slide-control lets you shape bubbles of endless variety—not just globes or tunnels, but double-bubbles, bubbles-in-bubbles, kids-in-bubbles, and monster protoplasmic bubbles that seem almost alive.
  • The BIG Bubble Mix powder in the package makes 2.7 gallons of bubble juice and works instantly. Just stir with hot tap water and dish soap (Joy, Dawn, or Fairy) and go. (You’ll soon want to order our Bubble Thing BIG Bubble Mix refill, available here on Amazon.)
  • Giant bubbles are best in cool weather with a slight breeze and high humidity. Foggy days (100% humidity) are ideal.

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