Little Treasures Power Tool Kids Pretend Play realistic looking & Working Electronic Cordless Power Drill toy

The Little Treasures Power Tool Basic Drill Set is the perfect starter drill set for the little tool lover. It is easy to grasp with little hands and looks like the real thing. It comes with three different tips for them to use. It also has trigger to make tip spin as well as direction control. It is also colored like the real drills on the market, to give it that real drill look. The set also comes with a ruler so they can learn how to measure their projects too. Which is always a great thing to learn and institute while they are young. The 3 drill tips included in set are flathead screwdriver, one is a Phillip’s head screwdriver and a standard drill tip. Power trigger and directional change are located in same areas as the real thing. Drill and tips are made of durable plastic. So they can handle plenty of role playing and cleaning too! They will enjoy being able to have their own drill and learning to do what you do. This toy is the best choice until they are ready to move to the next step up. It is a great choice as a solo gift or as part of a collection.

Product Features

  • Designed for small hands to be able to grasp
  • Ages 3+
  • 3 Different Drill Tips and ruler included
  • Spin control lever on handle like real thing
  • Direction control on top and side of handle

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