YYKMEI Minifigures Set of 35 Building Bricks mini People and 42 Accessories, Fit with All Major Brick Sets,Assemble Building Party Toys Kit,Lego-Compatible

A child always want to have a lot of toys, in many toys I still love building blocks minifigures, it can develop creativity, but also role play. Simple one of the toys, in exchange for children’s childhood memories.

Each of the 35 figures included in this set is a colorful character in and of itself. Each minifigures comes unassembled in its own bag .

Each minifigure people has a distinctly defined look that reflects that character’s position or occupation within the community.

Countless interactions and scenarios spontaneously spring up when these figures are on hand, allowing children to delight in their own creativity while exploring life’s possibilities through imaginative play.

Designed to be fully compatible with other major building block brands

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Product Features

  • Minifigure set:includes 35 Different characters and 42 accessories.Each bag will contain one mini figure, along with their associated accessories. The product themselves are easy to assemble.Perfectly compatible other building block brands.
  • Wholesome game:It was an educational toy,allowing children to delight in their own creativity while exploring life’s possibilities through imaginative play.He was able to learn roles and responsibilities of community helpers.
  • Double the fun:Sharp clean graphics. Many types of tools.These figures are a fun addition to our building block collection.they can let their imaginations soar,spark a creative idea .
  • QUALITY:The safety of your child is important to us. Each mini people is carefully made from the best plastic material.We pay attentionto details to ensurequality, durability and safety.
  • POST-SALE SUPPRT : We provide timely assistance on any point of sale, from pre-purchase inquiries to aftersales support.Simply email us and we will send an answer right away. We provide a 90-day moneyback guarantee for all our items.

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Tape for Lego Building Blocks 4-Pack Includes 1 Roll of Glow in the Dark Compatible with Major Brands by Brick Buddy

FINALLY, premium tape that will hold MORE than 5 LEGO® bricks at one time without falling off the wall! Our studs FIT TIGHTER to support heavier and taller creations! LEGO® Minifigures, figures from other brands, mixed and matched constructions of bricks, big and small, will ALL attach with ease, and will still be there the next morning! No more waking up to LEGO® pieces scattered all over the floor waiting to be stepped on!

Your kids will love it. Their friends will think it’s awesome. It will glow in the dark! Brick Buddy tape is a MUST HAVE item for your craft supplies drawer! And the best part? They aren’t staring at a screen!

Teachers, give your students an activity that will keep them engaged! Great for class activities, art, or stick some on the black-board or white-board as a decoration!
Brick Buddy Tape is made of bendable, eco-friendly, non-toxic silicone. Scissors easily cut strips into desired length. Each roll measures 36 inches in length. Compatible with major brands like LEGO® bricks, MEGA BLOKs.

Disclaimer: Please note that while we never experienced paint peeling during our own, thorough product testing period, sticking tape to poor quality or old paint on drywall/stucco/etc, over time, may lead to paint peeling. We assume no responsibility for any paint damage.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, let us know, and we’ll take care of it.

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Product Features

  • STRONG HOLD, TIGHT & PRECISE FITMENT – Unlike some tapes, Brick Buddy’s design will hold structures over 10 blocks tall, as well as offer good fitment for creations that have bases larger than 2×4 & 2×6 dots as part of their construction, without falling off!
  • EDUCATIONAL TOYS HELP KIDS GROW AND DEVELOP – Your child can play and learn valuable skills at the same time! Your kids will thank you when they’re older!
  • ADD A GLOW TO YOUR COLLECTION – Take creativity to a whole new level! Peel, stick, build, and turn the lights off to see tape illuminate! Package includes 1 roll of glow in the dark tape!
  • BUILD ON ANY SURFACE OVER & OVER AGAIN – Tape is removable, reusable, washable, and flexible! After a wash, tape will stick again once it is dry! Sticks to flat surfaces like walls or tables, or bends and flexes to stick on round, curved, or corner surfaces! You could even stick the tape to itself to make a loop!
  • YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – Brick Buddy backs its products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any issues with the product, let us know. We will refund you within 24 hours.

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