Mushroom with Screw. Organic wooden toy. Natural learning toy for Toddlers. Montessori wooden toy. Waldorf educational toy.

Our wooden mushroom is a splendid learning toy for kids over 6 months. It has a screw (cap) which meets the child’s desire to screw and unscrew elements. This mushroom is made of the everlasting beech and covered with linseed oil. Besides, this toy is a great helper for mummy since it is also a nutcracker. Put a nut in the hole and start screwing, the nut will crack. MATERIAL: beech HEIGHT – 10 cm, DIAMETER – 7 cm 100% handmade. AGE: 0+ years Our toys help to develop: – fine motor and speaking skills; – imagination and creativity; – taste for beauty and love for Nature.

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Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Set + Toy Storage & eBook Toddler Game Activities | Montessori Fine Motor Skills Autism Matching Educational Toys for Baby, 1, 2, 3 Year Old Boys and Girls ( 12 pc )

Kids Korner COLORS & SHAPES JUMBO NUTS & BOLTS Set. A hands-on introduction to the basics of learning and development! Step into the world of gross motor skill development, shapes and colors, patterns, math skills for boys and girls and more with this kids construction set! Your kids will love these figets toys! Watch while your little ones attention, curiosity and focus is immersed into the world of learning and playing at the same time BECAUSE LEARNING WAS MEANT TO BE FUN!. This threading, stacking, fine motor manipulative toy is great for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, occupational therapy clients and even elderly patients who need to strengthen their fine motor skills. USE AS BATH TOYS! Hard durable non-toxic plastic make these perfect bathtime and also makes for easy sanitizing. Dishwasher Safe! The benefits are endless! From counting, sorting, math materials and fine motor development to matching and twisting each piece this nuts and bolts toys for kids is ideal for every little one to gain the essential life long skills so their future = success. Includes: 6 completed set (1.75″x2.5″), 1 Kids Korner backpack (10″x13″), 1 Pattern Card (5″x7″) one side colors, one side shapes. SHAPES to learn: square, triangle, hexagon and plus sign! COLORS to learn: red, orange, yellow, green blue and purple!

Product Features

  • COMPLETE fine motor skills toy inspired by Montessori learning. Build those fine motor skills – hand eye coordination – motor control – visual perception – cogitative thinking – problem solving and more!
  • A great starter kit for color recognition, shape and color recognition and strengthening those fine motor skills. You can always add on later!
  • TODDLERS get introduced to colors & shapes with this early recognition toy. Little ones also learn how to sort and count each piece as they grasp and hold each piece.
  • PRESCHOOLERS learn how to match shapes & colors and start to develop those fine motor skills as they twist and screw each matching shape of the nut and bolt together. This construction toy set also encourages stacking and building which is also a part of the learning process. Matching each shape and color to the pattern card also comes into play at this stage of development!

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Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks for the Beginning Reader an Eco-Friendly Wooden Educational Toy

These Montessori reading blocks are perfect for the beginning reader. Your child will delight in twisting the blocks to discover new letters and lots of words, especially ones that rhyme. The blocks allow phonic practice with all 5 vowel sounds plus 13 different consonants, giving your little reader a total of 80 words to read over and over. All words are in the dictionary (some are less well known then others), and phonetic! A fun tool to strengthen and improve your child’s self-confidence with reading. Made to replace or compliment your Montessori Three Letter Phonetic Word Cards. The letters are written in lower case D’nealian print with red consonants and blue vowels in order to match the rest of your Montessori Language materials. A must have language work for the Montessori 3-6 year old classroom. Includes: 5 Reading Block Rods with middle sounds A,E,I,O,& U. Each one is 4.5 inches long by 1 inch wide. And a list of definitions to keep your little ones informed. Made with natural unfinished Maple wood, and non-toxic water based ink and glue.

Product Features

  • Strengthen and improve your child’s self-confidence with reading
  • Gain experience with words that rhyme. All words are phonetic
  • A great way to introduce and reinforce blending sounds into words
  • A total of 80 words to read over and over, including 5 vowels and 13 consonants
  • Eco-friendly and handmade in the USA with imported sustainably harvested Maple wood

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Peg Board Set – Montessori Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers and Preschoolers with 30 Pegs in Board for Color Recognition Sorting & Counting -Free Skoolzy 20+ Activity Pegboard Download

Skoolzy Pegboard Set Includes:
-1 orange peg board (8.5″)
-30 pegs (2″) – 6 colors
-1 Skoolzy drawstring backpack (12″ x 8″)
-Downloadable parent activity guide for the toddler toys

This pegboard toy is a Montessori based fine motor skills toy that is loved by occupational therapists, parents and children alike!

Just add string and the pegboard pegs can be used for lacing beads as fine motor skills toys for 2, 3, 4 year old children.

Product Features

  • COLOR MATCHING: The Skoolzy Peg Board Set has – 30 Pegs in a board in 6 colors (2″X1.25″ each) and Large foam pegboard (8.5″ inch square). Babies, Toddlers and Preschool kids easily match colors as they stack and nest the pegs into each other.
  • OVERSIZE PEGS are easy for little fingers to grasp and stack on the peg boards and each other to build towers while stacking. The size makes them ideal for occupational therapy toys for children and best toy for toddler gifts.
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT : The pegboard stacker set is great for building fine motor activities for kids, hand eye coordination, develop and strengthen visual perception skills, visual motor coordination, making patterns & more!
  • GAMES FOR TODDLERS: Use with your child for sorting, color recognition, patterning, learning basic math skills such as counting, adding, subtraction and graphing. The best part about these fine motor skill toys Montessori set is that your little ones won’t even notice that they are learning as they “play”.
  • EASY STORAGE & TRAVEL TOYS: It comes with the Skoolzy drawstring backpack to conveniently store all the toddler games pieces. It is easy for your child to carry their peg board set at home, in the car or airplane activities. Makes for quick and easy clean up.

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Star Flex Creative Connecting Construction Kit for Kids by Skoolzy – STEM Manipluative Brain Building Toy Montessori Games Preschool Kindergarten

Star Flex from Skoolzy is a building and construction toy which teaches children design, experimentation, spatial and mechanical thinking and lets their imaginations run wild! Every easy to carry storage container contains 90 pieces which means hours of endless fun and engineering education all in beautiful colors.

-A great soft flexible plastic building set for any occasion! Especially Christmas and Birthdays!
-The expandable kit makes is easy to buy more for your smart builder. Make your star flex set larger for cooperative play and larger structures!
– 90 star flex pieces
– 1 Skoolzy tote
-1 Idea guide

Product Features

  • Creativity and Science at it’s best – Different every time you build. Build multi-dimensional shapes & forms using the star shaped pieces. Great gift for both girls and boys.
  • This versatile and flexible open-ended design enables children to design and create simple shapes or complex structures using their imagination and creativity. Good for the little engineer and for pretend play.
  • The interconnecting pieces set supports STEM by introducing children to counting, grouping, sorting, designing, constructing, and putting physics into play by providing opportunities to experiment with simple mechanics, physics, engineering and science. The set grows with your child as their creations increase in complexity from preschool to elementary age kids.
  • This complete building construction set that will keep the little ones entertained for hours while they boost their fine motor skills and improve reasoning and problem-solving skills as they create to create 3D works of art.
  • The storage container makes it easy for your young explorer to clean up, as well as travel while keeping items contained after creating and exploring new worlds.

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EVINIS Montessori Educational Wooden Game Recognition Toy Baby Kids Early Learning Classification Box Toys for Children Math Toys

Pattern: vegetable, fruit, number, vehicle, clothes, shape, animal and articles for daily use
Weight: 600g
Box Size: 28.5*10*8cm
Large Card Size: 16.3*3cm
Small Card Size: 3*3cm

Package included:
1 pcs * Box
1 Pcs * Cover
8 pcs * Rectangle Cards
80 pcs * Square Cards

Note 1: Actually manual measured size will be some errors, it is in the range of ±1cm, actual size please prevail in kind.
Note 2: Due to the wooden material, there will be some flaws in the product, but it does not affect the use of the product.If you mind it, second thoughts are best.

Product Features

  • High quality wood material and environmental protection oil paint, good for kids’ health.
  • There are 8 pieces rectangle cards and 80 pieces square cards, include vegetable, fruit, number, vehicle, clothes, shape, animal and articles for daily use.
  • Baby can use the pattern on large card to put the corresponding classification into different box, enhance cognitive abilities, comprehensive coordination ability of the brain.
  • Targets: color recognition, matching, sorting, counting, and early math skills
  • Warning: Small parts, not for children under 2 years.

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English Spelling alphabet letter Game Montessori early learning Educational Toy

Features: Colorful appearance and different shape makes it quite popular with children. With painted smooth surface layer, does not hurt kids’ hands easily. Made of safe and non-toxic wooden material, just use with reassurance. Helps to develop visual sense, hand-eye co-ordination skills, improve dexterity, and more… Specifications: Item: Jigsaw Puzzle Material: Plastic Paint: Environmental protection water-based paint Color: Random Size: Approx. 29 X 22 X 1.5cm/11.4 X 8.66 X 0.59in. Applicable Age: Kids age 3 years and up Included: 1 X Jigsaw Puzzle

Product Features

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Item: Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Material: Plastic , Color: Random
  • Paint: Environmental protection water-based paint
  • Size: Approx. 29 X 22 X 1.5cm/11.4 X 8.66 X 0.59in.

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60 Rainbow Counting Bears with 6 Color Matching Sorting Cups Set by Skoolzy- Montessori Toddler Counters & Preschool Math Manipulative Toys for Girls and Boys – Free Activity Guide Download

60 Rainbow Bears with Sorting & Matching Containers

Stumped for best toys for a 1 year old, or even a 2 or 3 year old boy or girl to give as a gift?
Both parents and kids will love this!

A great fine motor skills development toy for 2 years olds, 3 years olds, autistic kids and boys and girls alike.
This educational math games toy, includes sorting and counting activities for toddlers and preschoolers which will help to develop those cognitive muscles.
This teddy toy makes for a great kids math games for toddlers ,preschool and kindergarten children. Use it with our dice, bear train extension kit or with number cards.
Can also be used as bath toys for bath time! The counting bears can be used for Montessori, pre-math and as occupational therapy toys. They make for one amazing addition to your childs learning toy collection.
Kids will become masters at this kids color sorting activity as well as mathematics. Watch as they grow, learn and play at the same time.
-60 small bears – in 6 colors (1 inch tall)
-6 Plastic Matching Cups (3.5in x 3 in)
-1 storage container with lid (7inx3in)

Product Features

  • A great educational math manipulatives toy that includes rainbow color sorting and counting activities designed to encourage, motivate and stimulate your child’s mind. Also a great Montessori math or autism toys gift for Christmas or Birthdays.
  • Children will improve dexterity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor control as they count, sort and play. These counting bears with cups make for fun occupational therapy toys for toddlers, preschool and k-3.
  • The sorting toys make a fun learning resource for introducing color recognition & basic mathematics concepts such as counting and addition. These educational toys Can be used for kids math games for 2 year old toddlers through kindergarten.
  • Not intended for those who still place objects in their mouth. Bears are 1″ tall. Supervision required if child is 3 years of age or younger!
  • Includes a container to hold all the colored cups or bears. Bears made of durable plastic and are great for generations to come!

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Best Building Peg Toy Set for Smart Toddlers – Great Montessori Educational Toy – With 50 Pieces and Bonus Travel Bag


Being a parent is the best job, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. We all want the best for our kids. We want to give them the best foundation of learning and creativity. And we want to help make your important job easier!


Our deluxe peg stacking set provides hours of fun for your sweet toddler or pre-schooler. It will encourage fine motor skills, creativity, and a fun way to learn their shapes and colors.

It will be a great opportunity for you to bond with your adorable child and discover the possibilities of stacking the different shapes and colors. Plus, you may even find that stacking pegs can be very therapeutic!


Your CC-O-Play Peg & Play 50 Piece Set comes with the following pieces:

– 1 Foam Blue Peg Board

– 1 High-End Drawstring Travel Bag

– 50 Pegs (Circles, Squares, Triangles, Stars, Hearts)

– 1 Year Money Back Guarantee!

– BPA Free & Safe for All Ages

– Free eBook with building patterns, and game ideas

– A great alternative to “screen time”


Product Features

  • ☀ MAKE LEARNING FUN! Give your child a great head start in learning with our deluxe 50 piece Tall Stacker Peg Toy Set! They will be learning their shapes and colors, while also increasing their fine motor skills in a super fun and easy way!
  • ✔ THE PERFECT GIFT FOR TODDLERS! If you’re looking for a gift that’s bound to be a favorite, then you will love our CC-O-PLAY Stack and Play Toy Set for the adorable toddler in your life!
  • ✈ GREAT 50 PEG TOY SET FOR TRAVELING… Let’s be honest, traveling with our sweet kids can be hard. The more prepared a parent can be for the trip, the better. Our Peg & Pegboard Set is the perfect toy to offset boredom. Plus, our set comes with a super cute travel tote bag to store all the pieces!
  • ❤ HOURS OF EDUCATIONAL FUN! Your son or daughter will be in creative heaven while they try new ways of stacking and sorting our high-end pegs on the pegboard. In fact, you may even be surprised with how quite your house can be while they’re in building mode.
  • ✏ “TEACHING MADE EASY” The best kind of teaching is when it’s easy, fun, and stimulates creativity. Our peg set accomplishes all three of those objectives! We can’t wait to hear about the hours of fun you have with your child!

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