EMIDO 40 Pieces Jumbo Nuts Bolts Toy, STEM Toy, Kids Educational Enlightenment Toys, Occupational Therapy Autism,Safe Material for Kids – Matching Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers Preschoolers

A Toddler Activity To Enhance Fine Motor Skills!

These nuts and bolts are perfectly sized for small hands!

Your kids will love these figets toys! Watch while your little ones attention, curiosity and focus is immersed into the world of learning and playing at the same time BECAUSE LEARNING WAS MEANT TO BE FUN!.

This threading, stacking, fine motor manipulative toy is great for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, occupational therapy clients and even elderly patients who need to strengthen their fine motor skills. USE AS BATH TOYS! Hard durable non-toxic plastic make these perfect bathtime and also makes for easy sanitizing. Dishwasher Safe!

Create games and activities with these nuts and bolts to create a fun and exciting way to learn!

The best part is that your little ones won’t even notice that they are learning as they play.

The benefits are endless! From counting, sorting, math materials and fine motor development to matching and twisting each piece this nuts and bolts toys for kids is ideal for every little one to gain the essential life long skills so their future = success.


20 complete nut and bolt sets – 40 pieces (1.75in x 2.5in).,

1x EMIDO Storage Bag.

SHAPES to learn: square, triangle, hexagon and plus sign!

COLORS to learn: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink!

Get your today!

The EMIDO 40 Piece Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set is manufactured by EMIDO to be of the highest quality and safe for its intended use and age range. which is not the same experience! Are you still worried about the child’s growth?do not hesitate! This will you do for a child the right choice!
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Product Features

  • Preschooler learn how to match shapes & colors and start to develop those fine motor skills as they twist and screw each matching shape of the nut and bolt together. This construction toy set also encourages stacking and building which is also a part of the learning process. Matching each shape and color to the pattern card also comes into play at this stage of development!
  • Complete fine motor skills toy inspired by montessori learning. Improves memory, concentration, manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, pairing, shape sorting, increases attention and focus. Build those fine motor skills – hand eye coordination – motor control – visual perception – cognitive thinking – problem solving and more! This is a great interactive toy from toddlers to alzheimers patients.
  • 20 complete plastic nuts and bolts set – 40 pieces – includes 4 different shapes – colors & shapes will vary. Use your fine motor muscles to screw and unscrew these large plastic nuts and bolts! Put all pieces into the emido storage bag to keep all the nuts and bolts together.
  • The use of environmentally friendly new plastic, do not stimulate the skin, non-toxic, tasteless, without bpa polyethylene, laboratory testing approved, the baby can rest assured that use.
  • Customer guarantee: we offer superb educational toys and excellent customer service and if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase; we also offer a risk-free, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee! Engineers start here! Give your child the skills today! Unique shape, infinite originality, free combination. Also can be used for decoration, good-looking and fun. Click the orange button to order now!

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Peg Board Set – Montessori Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers and Preschoolers with 30 Pegs in Board for Color Recognition Sorting & Counting -Free Skoolzy 20+ Activity Pegboard Download

Skoolzy Pegboard Set Includes:
-1 orange peg board (8.5″)
-30 pegs (2″) – 6 colors
-1 Skoolzy drawstring backpack (12″ x 8″)
-Downloadable parent activity guide for the toddler toys

This pegboard toy is a Montessori based fine motor skills toy that is loved by occupational therapists, parents and children alike!

Just add string and the pegboard pegs can be used for lacing beads as fine motor skills toys for 2, 3, 4 year old children.

Product Features

  • COLOR MATCHING: The Skoolzy Peg Board Set has – 30 Pegs in a board in 6 colors (2″X1.25″ each) and Large foam pegboard (8.5″ inch square). Babies, Toddlers and Preschool kids easily match colors as they stack and nest the pegs into each other.
  • OVERSIZE PEGS are easy for little fingers to grasp and stack on the peg boards and each other to build towers while stacking. The size makes them ideal for occupational therapy toys for children and best toy for toddler gifts.
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT : The pegboard stacker set is great for building fine motor activities for kids, hand eye coordination, develop and strengthen visual perception skills, visual motor coordination, making patterns & more!
  • GAMES FOR TODDLERS: Use with your child for sorting, color recognition, patterning, learning basic math skills such as counting, adding, subtraction and graphing. The best part about these fine motor skill toys Montessori set is that your little ones won’t even notice that they are learning as they “play”.
  • EASY STORAGE & TRAVEL TOYS: It comes with the Skoolzy drawstring backpack to conveniently store all the toddler games pieces. It is easy for your child to carry their peg board set at home, in the car or airplane activities. Makes for quick and easy clean up.

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