HABA Monza A Car Racing Board Game Encouraging Tactical Thinking – Ages 5 and Up (Made in Germany)

The race cars are competing. But only if the color of the square adjacent to the car is shown on the dice, can the car speed ahead. Monza encourages strategic thinking as a player must roll the color dice and then decide on the best sequence to advance their car forward. The game includes a cardboard game board, 6 wooden racing cars, 6 wooden dice and a set of instructions. HABA Monza is made in Germany.

Product Features

  • Six racing cars are standing on the starting grid, of the 3 lane racing board. But only the player who gets the right colors with the dice and makes clever combinations will be able to move rapidly ahead.
  • The first player throws all 6 dice. Now try to move your car according to the colors obtained. You must compare the colors of the dice with the colors of the squares directly ahead of your car
  • After each single move, put aside the corresponding die. If you cannot use certain colors, your turn is over. Watch out! You can only move your car ahead and you must avoid the obstacle squares.
  • A change of lanes is only permitted if the far end of the neighboring square is situated ahead of the square where your car is. If your car lands on a square with a car in it, this car is moved back to the next available square in the same lane.
  • Contents include: 6 racing cars, 6 color dice 1 game board and instructions. Challenging Game Variation idea included. A tactical thinking game for 2 to 6 clever players aged 5 to 99. Game time: 10-15 Minutes.

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Erencook Electronic Racing Car track Kids Toy Childrens Game Boys Xmas Gift Rail Building Block Toy (Colorful)

Package size about:38*24*5.5cm.

It helps a child to develop hands-on ability, promote hearing and vision perception and improve the child’s hand-eye coordination. Comes up with your own designs to create various tracks.

Product Features

  • 100% brand new and high quality, Safe.
  • Included 1 cars and lots of assembling parts,kids can create their own railway to play. Requires Batteries (Not included)
  • Fosters imaginative and creative play
  • Warning: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts,not for kids under 3 years .Should be used with adult supervision between 3-6 years old. .Suitable for 6 years and up children present.
  • RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE: We love our customers and unlike others, we love to talk to you. If you have questions or issues, get in touch and we reply within 24 hrs. We also have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, just send us an email and we will give you a full refund

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ONE DAY SALE!!! Take a Part Car Assemble Toy with Electric Drill & Tools. STEM Education Racing Car for Kids Educational Toys

Tevelo Take Apart Car and Electric Tool Set is a unique toy that let’s your child be a “real” mechanic! The battery-operated drill vibrates like a real one. The flat head screwdrivers, hammers, clamps, hex head and Philips head screws, nuts and bolts mimic real tools perfectly. And the best part? A take apart car that can be put back together using actual screws and bolts! Your child will assemble and disassemble this toy all day!

Finger muscle control is essential for screwing the pieces together. The pinch grip is needed to rotate the bolts and match the correct bolt with the correct hole. Such kind of play exercises fine motor muscles, which are needed for neat handwriting. Watch pencil control and line work improve as your child plays with the Tevelo Take Apart Car!

The Tevelo Take Apart Car can be played together as a family or with a group of friends. Your child will learn words like clockwise, counter clockwise, names of different tools and parts of the car etc while playing. Collaboration, team-work, sharing and problem solving are all needed to fix the toy as a team – making Tevelo Take Apart Car and electronic drill set the perfect toy for playdates!

Tevelo Take Apart Car comes with an easy to follow diagram showing how the toy is assembled. The drill is battery operated and gentle enough for safe use by children. All tools have smooth parts and no sharp edges. The drill is operated by 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

Tevelo Toy Company was founded in 2002. We focus on manufacturing and selling toys that maximize a child’s all round brain development. Our affordable and high quality products are specially made for families who believe in learning together, all the time.

Product Features

  • BUILD TOGETHER – Spend quality family time assembling the toy car with your child.
  • BOOST IMAGINATION – Tool set and take apart toy car will let your child play mechanic for hours.
  • DEVELOP PROBLEM SOLVING – Tevelo STEM take-a-part car toy is a 3D puzzle that will build mathematical skills as your child solves it again and again.
  • ENHANCE FINE MOTOR SKILLS – The screws and tool set support hand eye co-ordination, dexterity and fine motor development.
  • SAFE AND STRONG TOY – Non-toxic, sturdy plastic can be taken apart and put back together many times without breaking or hurting little hands.

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YKS Wall Climbing Car Window Sucker Mini Infared RC Remote Control Racing Car Spider Shaped USB Rechargeable Monster Truck Vehicle Toy for Children Adult Gift

Product Name: Infrared RC spider toy
Applicable age: > 3 years old
Material: ABS environmental protection material or electronic original
Lighting type: LED lighting
Remote control mode: Infrared remote control
Charge time: 30 minutes
Climbing time: 8 to 10 minutes
Remote control range: 10 to 15 m
Packaging size: 18*7.5*22 cm
Rechargeable batteries for spider: 6*1.5V “AA” Size Batteries for Remote Control
Function: Forward and backward, turn left, turn right, 360 degree circle,walk upright, rapid drift, gorgeous flash light

Package included:
1*Infrared RC spider toy

Note: Use only on smoooth clean surfaces and clean the tires with a damp rag before each use. Do not run on damp surface.
Important:Before turning controller ON, make sure that both joysticks are in the neutral(middle)position. To drive on the walls you must put the vehicle in the WALL mode. To do that, move the power switch at the back of the vehicle all the way to the LEFT. The fabric air skirts can be adjusted outward at a 45 angle to ensure a proper vehicle air suction to the wall. But never tear the fabric air skirt. The fabric air skirt which located in bottom of the car,it play a very important role in climbing on wall. To put the vehicle in the FLOOR mode. To do that, move the power switch at the back of the vehicle all the way to the RIGHT.

Product Features

  • It is a remote control infrared wall climbing car and a funny freak 6-legged spider
  • The Wall Driving Climber is utterly astonishing, gravity defying remote controlled Stunt Tank that does just what its name implies it really does climb up walls
  • The ultra lightweight car body coupled with a powerful suction fan, lets you zip along walls and ceilings at full throttle, leaving regular floor racers in the dust Mini RC Car Drives Anywhere! On Walls, Floors, Windows, And Even the Ceilings! Won’t Break If It Falls From the Ceiling Or Wall
  • Simply charge it via USB. Drive it straight at the wall, and when it gets there it starts to tilt upwards and at 45 degrees the monster gravity defying Traction Technology kicks in literally sucking the thing to the wall, where you drive it around just as if it was on the floor
  • Super cool gift for kids to develop these skills: sensory, fine motor, gross motor, logical, creative, linguistic, emotional, communication and self-esteem. Just imagine what kids would do when they see it.

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Mattel Hot Wheels – Hyper Wheels Motorized Motorcycles (Orange & Red Helmet) and Crank Launcher Ramp for Side-By-Side Motorcycle Racing Action

The side by side racing motorcycles is a perfect Christmas gift for Boys or Girls even Teenagers will love it.

Product Features

  • Side by side racing
  • 2 motorcycles included
  • Pull lever to start race
  • Ages 5+

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120pcs Wooden Dominos Blocks Set, Kids Game Educational Play Toy, Domino Racing Toy Game


100% Brand new and high quality.
-This 100% real wooden Domino set can also play as a stacking and building toy
-Your kids will sit for hours and create marvelous shapes
-Play with real toys and use our imagination and develop so many crucial skills


Qty: 120pcs
Single chip size:4.4×2.1×0.8cm
Paint: nontoxic paint
Color: Yellow, Pink, Purple, Brown, Orange, Black, White, Green, Blue, Red
Material: linden wood (pine, relative, basswood domino smooth surface, not easy to burr, fine- grained, not easy to crack and deformation)

Product Features

  • Single chip size:4.4×2.1×0.8cm, Qty: 120pcs per pack
  • Made of environment-friendly linden wood, no harm to your baby
  • Material: basswood, Paint: nontoxic paint
  • Push one of them, it will have a chain of effect
  • Develop Math, Science, Spatial and Tactile Skills + it will develop your kids imagination

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Liberty Imports World Racing Car Take-A-Part Toy for Kids with 30 Take Apart Pieces, Tool Drill, Lights and Sounds

Fun car building tool set your kids will love!

The World Racing Car Take-A-Part set is an awesome toy! This car set is fun to take apart and put back together with the power drill. The car can be completely dismantled. This 30 piece set includes 5 car parts, 5 modification parts, 8 tires, drill, drill bit and screws. Parts include engine, seat, roof, hood, side bumpers, spoiler, and front bumper. The screws are big and easy to use. Also, the car lights up and makes realistic engine sounds with a shake. Build the car plain or with sporty modification parts. Engine uses 2x AG13 batteries (included). Drill uses 2x AA batteries (not included).

Your kids will love putting it all together and taking it apart. Everything on the car can be taken apart. A great toy for boys or girls!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 30 Day Warranty from Liberty ImportsTM.

NOTICE: The “Liberty Imports” seller is the only authorized seller, we do not sell wholesale so there should be NO other sellers; Any other sellers are illegally selling their own products using our registered Trademarked company name. In this listing, purchasing from any seller other than “Liberty Imports” will result in a potentially faulty product that may be unsafe and cause injury. Please be sure to purchase this product from the “Liberty Imports” seller to avoid any problems with your product and to ensure both your safety and satisfaction. Thank you.

Product Features

  • Assemble an awesome cool looking racing car
  • Completely take apart car and put it back together with power drill
  • 30 piece set includes 5 car parts, 5 modification parts, 8 tires, drill and screws
  • Realistic car sounds and lights
  • Race car measures 7.5″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″

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