Kennedy Children 26 English Alphabet Cognitive Puzzle Block Toy Puzzle Wooden Dinosaur Elephant Steamship Educational Toy(Dinosaur)

Product Introduct

Made of high quality wooden material, environmental non-toxic, very safe for kids.

Consist of 26 building blocks, one side is the 26 English letters, another side is 1 ~ 26 numbers.

Can be used as a teaching and learning tool for kids, help babies identify counting, colors, letters and animal.

Colorful styles. We have dinosaur, elephant, steamship pattern for you choice, the kids will love it.

This puzzle toy can help the kids train hand eye coordination, visual perception skills. Improve thinking ability, assembly ability ,patience, memory etc.

Product Features

  • Material: good quality wooden, environmental non-toxic, safe for children to play.
  • Consist of 26 building blocks, one side is the 26 english letters, another side is 1 ~ 26 numbers.
  • A bright color graphic blocks design, can stimulate the baby’s imagination and hands-on creativity.
  • This toy can let the baby know the appearance and structure of various animals, and correctly identify a variety of colors.
  • Lightweight, convenience to carry anywhere to play, this puzzle toy requires to be rearranged according to the numbers and letters, develop the baby patience and intellectual.

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