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Stores TONS of stuff! | This product saved my marriage! | I wish I bought this sooner!

The Cozy Greens® Backseat Car Organizer gives families the peace of mind that comes with being both prepared and organized. Say goodbye to the days of your backseat looking like a hurricane blew through! Our organizer features a Stretch ‘n HoldTM jumbo sized bottom compartment so you now have room for larger items. Lined with elastic, this compartment stretches to accommodate your needs. It also features a detachable pocket designed for convenient grab and go storage.

The redesigned organizer also features Stretch ‘n StoreTM bottle holders big enough to hold bottles, sippy cups, and even soda cans for the bigger kids! Made from premium materials, the Cozy Greens® organizer is eco-friendly and REACH certified, making it a safe choice to use around your little ones. The Cozy Greens® organizer has enough room to store a wide array of items from diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, and even electronic devices! Its durability will withstand any abuse, and since it is waterproof, it is simple to clean.

Our Super Secure Strap SystemTM securely attaches to the seat and headrest, and is designed to fit most vehicles. No more worrying about your little one destroying your car’s seats by kicking as the Cozy Greens® organizer also acts as a kick mat and protector to the seat back.

Bring some sanity back into your life–and your car–by ordering the Cozy Greens® backseat organizer today!

Product Features

  • ORGANIZE CLUTTER, STAY SANE. Our redesigned backseat auto organizer features a NEW Stretch ‘n Hold™ jumbo sized compartment for the ultimate hold everything car storage solution, complete with a detachable pocket for grab & go convenience. The Cozy Greens® organizers utilize our unique Stretch ‘n Store™ bottle holders, and MORE storage pockets than competitors’ to maximize storage, and clear clutter from your vehicle. The backseat organizer is an essential baby product.
  • BUILT KID TOUGH to Withstand Children’s Kicking. As parents, we know the stress kid accessories go through. Our Cozy Greens® car organizer is hand crafted out of premium REACH certified materials. The eco-friendly, odorless material is safe for your child & features reinforced stitching on areas that receive the most wear. The waterproof material makes this organizer both durable and easy to clean. The Cozy Greens® organizer is constructed to last & protect the back of your seats.
  • INSTALLATION SO EASY, A CHILD CAN DO IT! Say goodbye to car clutter by simply unpacking your Cozy Greens® backseat organizer, and attaching our Super Secure Strap System™ over the seat and around your headrest. Designed to fit most vehicles, the organizer is the perfect size to act as a kick mat, while not encroaching on your child’s’ leg room. The wide array of items this organizer holds will have you wonder why you didn’t order one sooner! AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY “Definite lifesaver!”
  • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. All original Cozy Greens® products come with a LIFETIME guarantee. If you experience ANY problems with your backseat organizer FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, contact us and we will refund your entire purchase, AND ship you a new organizer. NO questions asked. Order your Cozy Greens® Backseat Organizer now and experience the sanity that comes from an organized vehicle. AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY “Your car will thank you!” “Even Stores Diapers!”
  • A PORTION OF COZY GREENS® PROFITS GO TO CHARITY. As a company, it’s our mission to create love and happiness in the lives of all that we touch. That is why we donate a portion of proceeds from each backseat organizer purchase to Child’s Life Chances for Children Charity. By purchasing a Cozy Greens® backseat automobile organizer, not only are you getting an amazing product at a price you can afford, you are also helping to improve the quality of life for other children. Win-Win!

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Magnetic Building Blocks.100 +10 Extra Pieces Set of 3D Magnet Building Tiles. Educational Construction Magnetic Toy for Kids. Strong Metallic Rivets. Varied Shapes in Translucent Rainbow Colours

The ultimate magnetic builders set just got released straight from Mobius awarded bank of ideas!

Who needs a game that is lagging on behind, dependent on weak, tiny particles and pins that never quite hold? Now you can let go of these lag of toys, and move to the future’s peak, with the ultimate magnetic builders set, released straight from Mobius bank of ideas.

No more toys that falls apart, breaks down with missing pieces. It’s all taking care of. We designed a product that Suites all ages, past 3 and up to 120. No matter how big or small, beginners, intermediates and masters of magnetic blocks,everybody will enjoy challenging and exploring the rules of physics, with this brand new original development game.

But in building everybody knows that quantity matters too. Therefore we give you the best deal, base and accessories, 110% of a product that includes: 52 Squares in 3 sizes, Additional 15 hollow squares, 42 triangles in 3 different shapes and sizes + wheels to start the engine running. We have added a bag for easy storage too!

Put the edge in education with these mega building blocks of fun. Help your children show their already existent natural creativity and motor skills, by giving them the Mobius gift of shapes and colour that is much more than an already known toy for sale.

Wether through bonding in family time or through the imagination of a child’s quite time, Mobius building tiles will guarantee that once the creation starts, that holiday building momentum stops only at the dinner table. And once the construction is done, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that the happy memories you build will last forever.

With a 30 day full refund guarantee, it’s just a win amazingly situation. 24 manufacturer warranty. No contest.

So make the best choice now, click the orange button and love back. Bring a great present to the great people in your life.

Product Features

  • SUPER STRONG AND SAFE MAGNET BLOCKS: A new and improved high technology power process is implemented to produce a SAFER, more durable, single solid tile unites. Each piece in our kit of building tiles has a fortified smooth plastic frame, unified construction pieces, super strong magnets and round metal rivets, are the safest and greatest base to open the imagination and build creativity on to your next discovery.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO MAKE A STRONG MAGNETIC CONNECTION: Now more than ever, it’s EASY to make a strong magnetic connection, assembling your very own 3D mine-crafted world, making a real BOND by bringing it into the family zone, with a pure solid sound of a “CLICK”. Classic. And once the tower is finished, these building tiles for kids are simple to detach, allowing you to make changes, reassemble or better yet, start over.
  • THE MAGIC OF BRIGHT COLOURS: The geometric tiles use a special design to make a clear, soothing reflection of a painter’s colours palate shine in children’s eyes. The colors are the joy in tiles and the tiles in toys. It’s beautiful, expensive looking translucent effect, magically allows a clear look at the every angle, while maintaining it’s VIBRANT, happy dye.
  • THOUSANDS OF STRUCTURES IN A SINGLE GAME: A set of 100+10 Extra pics isn’t enough? This 10% limited edition BONUS pack gives the avid player all the pluses, and the best opportunity magnetic toys can give for hours of fun playtime, developing the brain’s abilities to recognize patterns, make use of variety and capture all the buildings and shapes possible. That is the never ending story of the Mobius tiles.
  • TOP QUALITY PRODUCT: Mobius magnetic blocks building toy comes first with a limited TWO YEAR manufacturer warranty and 30 day full refund, to make sure you are winning big time. So whether the FUN is done by a single party, together with loved ones or within educational groups, these were made by the best, to stimulate the imagination, develop the brain and enrich the experience of a GAME. No doubt, check it out. Click the orange button now!

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#1 Rated Baby/Todder Bath Tub Toys Organizer – Large Storage/Bag for Toys Even as a Shower Caddy + 2 Extra Strong Suction Cups! Mold Free Playtime!

Tired of a disorganized bathtub? Say no more to your troubles with this easy and simple solution! The New Bath Toy Organizer with 2 suction cups, and 2 Extra strong suction cup bonuses!

• The bathtub organizer is one of the largest sizes (18in x 14in) which can fit a lot of toddler toys, or any other product!

• The net stays close to your wall out of your way when not in use.

• High Quality no-rip mesh keeps durable for ages, and keeps mold away.

Free Bonus: Two heavy duty suction cups give you the freedom to easily take the bag off the wall at any time, or to hang bathroom accessories.

The choice is yours so have fun! Note: The bathtub organizer suction cups are very strong and of the highest quality/durability. This is a must have for all shower and bath tub accessory! Matches any color arrangement you already have, simple plain white with a quality finish.

Don’t have children/kids/toddlers/baby? This is a multi-use organizer for anything! Here are just a few ideas of what this can do for you to de-clutter your bathroom!

•Hold your shower accessories

•Hold your shampoo and conditioner

•Hang dry towels like a shelf

•Hang your towels or bathing accessories and place them anywhere on your glass/tile!

•Use this neat net storage bag virtually anywhere!

Still, suction cups are not made to stick on a porous surface.

The Best Part of All: We are an honest, small company and stand by our products of quality and the best service. We offer a 1-year warranty sign-up for all our products, should you ever come across any issues of use. If you EVER experience any issues with the bag or the suction cups, simply contact us and we will do whatever we can to assist.

This product may not work on textured surfaces. I want to ensure your satisfaction is perfect!

Product Features

  • THE BEST BATH TOY/TOYS ORGANIZER: Messy bathtub? Save space and clean up your bathroom today! Putting toys away in the organizer is easy and keeps your bathroom neat with this accessory! The bag is a great storage mesh net of the largest on the market (18″x14″) to hold all of your child’s toys. The sturdy bag stays close to your tile/shower – great for infants, babies, kids, children and toddlers!
  • Top Rugged QUALITY: Our bath toy organizer features high quality mesh, fast drying polyester edging, and powerful large suction cups. (4 in total)
  • BONUS: Two extra strong hooked suction cups are included if additional suction is needed for your tile. Make sure you enjoy bathtime in the bathtub!
  • 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE: We offer a warranty sign up program – 1 Year Guarantee on all our purchases.
  • MOLD FREE TOYS: Wet toys aren’t fun, and they lead to nasty black mold. Keep your child’s toys clean and mold free. Mesh netting allows for water to completely drain from the bag, and prevents mold by allowing a natural air dry to all your child’s toys.

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