Baby First TV – Color Crew Interactive Talking Plush Stuffed toy, 6 plush crayons Plush Toys, A Perfect Gift for Baby’s First Birthday or Baby Shower, Infant, Baby & Toddler Toy

Color Crew Interactive Talking Plush from Baby First TV is an exciting and interactive way for your children to generate their developmental skills and learn the colors on their own.

Whether playing at home or caring it out your little loved one will be mesmerized by the playfulness and adorable nature of Color Crew Interactive Talking Plush, who responds directly to baby’s touch.

Keep your bundle of joy entertained and delighted for hours on end, with a stuffed plush toy that makes the perfect baby’s first birthday gift or baby shower favor.

Have trouble keeping your child calm in the stroller or on car rides? Color Crew Interactive Talking Plush will do the trick, keeping your baby happy and amused as a perfect infant toy for the car seat or stroller. It is impossible for you and your baby not to fall in love with sweet and exciting Color Crew Interactive Talking Plush!

Immerse your little one with hours of endless educational entertainment and witness the intellectual progress your child develops as they continue to interact with Color Crew.
Your infant, baby or toddler will snuggle up to this soft plush toy that is cuddly, cute and fun. Your baby will thrive with this all-in-one children’s plush toy, that truly does teach your young child all of the essentials, and yet can also serve as a comforting crib or bed toy.

With 6 interactive colors Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White, the joy never stops with this special crayon toy that is adorable, comforting, educational and mesmerizing for children!
? Set includes: – 6 plush crayons: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White. Plastic package with handle to be taken everywhere

Product Features

  • Learning colors just became more fun with BabyFirst’s new Color Crew Talking Plush. The set enables kids to learn color names by interacting with the 6 different plush colors, the perfect toy for baby’s first year!
  • Each crayon introduces itself by saying the name of its color! Your infant, baby or toddler will learn the colors and much more with this incredible interactive plush toy from BabyFirst!
  • An adorable & huggable infant toy for the car seat or stroller, Color Crew Interactive Talking Plush is made of soft material and is impossible not to fall in love with.
  • Let your child develop their curiosity and decision making skills, because Color Crew Interactive Talking Plush responds to baby’s touch
  • Set includes: – 6 plush crayons: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White. Plastic package with handle to be taken everywhere

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Ben Franklin Toys Kids Talking ATM Machine Savings Bank with digital screen and electronic coin counter, Silver

As Ben Franklin says, “a Penny saved is a Penny earned”. Teach kids about money while they have fun at the same time. This large talking ATM machine works with real U.S. money (bills and coins). Insert the special debit card key and the bank comes to life as it talks and counts. Make a deposit, make a withdrawal, the ATM always knows your account balance. The large LCD screen shows deposit amounts and adds them to your balance. Or the screen shows your withdrawal amount and subtracts it from the total to give you a new balance. It talks, it counts, it always knows your account balance. Roll bills into the feeder with the twist knob. Includes special debit card key. Includes a combination lock vault door to keep your savings safe and sound. Kids learn the value of a dollar and “money cents”. Suggested for ages 5 and older but useful for kids (and adults) of all ages. This is the original and official Ben Franklin brand.

Product Features

  • Electronic savings bank that talks, calculates and keeps track of your account balance
  • LCD screen
  • Includes bank card, coin slot, lights, manual bill feeder and combination vault
  • 10″ H x 8″ W x 5″ D
  • A Ben Franklin brand STEM toy

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Color You Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say Electronic Pet Talking Plush Buddy Mouse for Kids, 3 x 5.7 inches


♦ With soft fluffy plush outer and ABS gear inside, no pilling or wrap.
♦ Repeat everything you say. If you giggle, he giggles; if you sing, he sing back to you!
♦ Material: plush and ABS
♦ Net weight: 130g/4.6 ounce/0.3lb
♦ Measurements: Diameter:7.8cm; Height: 14.5cm

How to use it:

♦ Flip the switch to ON position and talk to it, It will repeat everything you say.
♦ Flip the switch to OFF position when not use it.
♦ The switch is on the bottom.


The Talking Hamster works with high power consumption, please use new batteries once the batteries run out. Batteries are NOT included.
A screwdriver is required to open the battery compartment lid to replace batteries. Screwdriver NOT included.

Package includes:

♦ 1 x Color You Talking Hamster

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Product Features

  • Talk back function allows the hamster to repeat everything you say no matter you laugh, sing or speak English, Russian, Spanish or any other languages.
  • Auto shaking and responds to touch. He bops his head up and down automatically when repeating and when you pat him.
  • Powered by 3x AAA battery (NOT included). Alkaline batteries, such as Energizer battery and Duracell battery are the first choice for its best performance. NOTE: Please use new batteries once the batteries run out.
  • Easy to use: switch it on and talk to it, it will mimic your every word in his funny and high pitched voice. Flip the switch to OFF position to conserve battery life when it is not being used.
  • Perfect for playtime and bedtime. Adorable gift for kids, children, students over 4 years old.

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The Cute Mimicry Pet Hamster Talking Plush Animal Toy Electronic Hamster Mouse


Turn it on and talk to it and this cute hamster will make you LOL
Great for collectibles and as gift to friends or relatives.
Repeat Whatever language and accent you say to it for 5 seconds.
Great Gift For kids or friends.
Suitable for Play, Hobby Collection and home Display.
Requires 3 X AAA Batteries (Not included)
Color: Brown/Gray

Product Features

  • Plush Animal Toy Electronic Pet Hamster Mice Mimicry Talking
  • The smart hamster can repeat exactly what you say, no matter you speak Russian, English, French, Spanish,Chinese, or other languages.

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Baby Genius Talking Vinko Interactive Hand Puppet with Electronic Sounds by Manhattan Toy

Baby Genius – Products with a Purpose
The Talking Vinko Interactive Hand Puppet encourages creative, emotional, and social skills in young children. This loveable bear speaks 6 phrases when you press his mouth shut: “Hi, my name is Vinko the bear”, “Let’s be friends”, “I’m Vinko and I’m brown”, “Let’s count-1,2,3”, “Let’s play peek-a-boo”, and “You have the best smile!” Talking Vinko Interactive Hand Puppet is part of the Independent Doer stage (age 24-36 months), featuring products that encourage kids to make decisions.

From the award winning Baby Genius DVD series that has been entertaining and enriching young lives for 10 years comes a new selection of delightful, engaging toys true to the mission of “products with a purpose.” These innovative, educational products support the Baby Genius Learn and Grow program developed in partnership Stamford University professor emeritus Dr. Don Roberts. This prestigious program defines the 5 stages of natural growth experienced by young children. As kids transition through their development, every waking moment is a time for exploration, discovery and wonder. The Baby Genius products align with these natural growth stages and encourage learning through age-appropriate interaction with their environment, challenging the child when they are ready for that challenge. Every Baby Genius product is age graded specifically to align with a child’s natural development. At every stage, play is learning, and Baby Genius products engage, enthrall and educate. Whether it’s a soothing, soft plush friend for a 5 month old in the “Safe Haven” phase or a high-quality musical instrument for the creative and expressive 3 year old “Independent Doer”, each is specifically designed and engineered to enhance that phase in a smart and meaningful way. Join your favorite Baby Genius characters; DJ, Frankie, Lola, Vinko, Oboe, Rosie and Tempo for hours of adventure where you can be sure that the product is just right for your child.

Product Features

  • At 9.5 inches, the puppet is easily engaged on a child’s hand and will speak 6 unique, entertaining phrases promoting creative play and storytelling
  • Stimulate and develop the imagination, emotional and social skills of your “Independent Doer” (2-3 years) as the character comes alive on your hand
  • Made from the highest quality fabrics, this velvety soft, interactive friend will be hours of expressive fun

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