Grush Smart Sonic Toothbrush for Kids with Interactive Games Bluetooth Connected and Parental Tracking of Children’s Brushing

Grush Smart Sonic Gaming Kids Toothbrush is the world’s smartest toothbrush, transforming brushing for a boring chore into fun and interactive games for kids. Using Patented “Tooth-to-Tooth Navigation” technology, the Grush Brush detects detailed brushing movements used to control fun and interactive games. Grush is used as an interactive gaming wand via Bluetooth to control Android or iOS brushing games running on a smartphone or tablet to interactively guide children’s brushing. Parents can track their children’s brushing daily, monitoring their progress and brushing scores, and provide rewards for proper brushing. Average users improve brushing habits by over 70% in first three months of brushing regularly, morning and night. Grush is endorsed by top pediatric dentists and behavioral therapists. Grush is the Smart Toothbrush platform that transforms the brushing process into fun and interactive games / apps. Using patented motion sensing technology and algorithms, Grush brush detects detailed brushing movement information including position, angle and force. Grush games and apps utilizes this information in a game to provide real time brushing guidance to users. Detailed brushing data is uploaded to the cloud for tracking and diagnosis by dentists. Parents can track children’s brushing and reward them for proper brushing. Kids brush the right way every time, reaching all four quadrants of the mouth, 2 minutes, twice a day.

Product Features

  • MAKE BRUSHING FUN: Game Controlling Smart Kids Toothbrush connects with mobile games that guide brushing
  • TOOTH-to-TOOTH NAVIGATION TECHNOLOGY: Grush tracks the EXACT location of the brush within the mouth
  • PARENTAL TRACKING FEATURE: Track children’s scores, select the date and see accurate brushing scores for every surface of every tooth
  • FREE INTERACTIVE BRUSHING APPS: Multiple Grush Games motivate and guide proper brushing
  • LIFETIME DATA TRACKING: Sync Brushing Scores with Grush Dental Cloud Feature

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