BEISTA Tri-spinner Fidget Toy Hand Spinner – Stress Reducer, Durable Bearing Spinner with High Speed, Super Smooth and Well Balanced, Non-3D Printed (Pink)


No matter how long you play it, grease won’t appear. BEISTA tri-spinner fidget toy, exactly a good girl.

Durable and SUPER easy to spin

We use the most strengthen bearing, seriously it’s hard to break. And it spins at a nice smooth speed, not tight at all.

More stable and more smooth

We try our best to reduce the friction factor, and it speed more fast and more stable and more smoothly than before. Charming good girl, she do did it.

A good way to focus

Spins it with your fingers, focus on it, release your fidget quietly.

Product Features

  • Nowadays, we suffer more and more stress from studying working feeding house keeping, surrounding and so on, let’s release ourselves with hand spinner.
  • 1 to 3 Minute Average Spins. Four colors with Intensive Bearing. Perfect size for adults and kids over 7 years old
  • Really wonderful item – tri-spinner fidget toy, release your body and moods stress quietly. Especially designed for people who can’t keep their finger still.
  • It’s fun to mess with and create your own tricks with tri-spinner fidget toy.
  • Tri-spinner fidget toy, Great for anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting bad habits, staying awake, also perfect for killing time .

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