The Last Jedi: Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg Plush

Introducing the newest iconic character from the Star Wars universe, Porg. Action Porg features moving wings head and mouth with three different Porg Phrases. Just push Porg’s Adorable soft belly to start having fun with the most memorable characters from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Super soft high quality fur. Comes with 3 AA batteries included. Do not machine wash. Packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Product Features

  • Official Star Wars licensed merchandise
  • 8.5″ Tall interactive Plush Toy
  • Recommended for ages 3+: 3 AA Batteries Included
  • Features multiple “Porg phrases” from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie
  • This Porg is soft yet durable, and makes a great gift for the ultimate Star Wars fan!
  • Porg’s adorable wings flap, lips and head move while speaking “Porg”
  • Inspired by the curious creatures from on Ahch-To Island in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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3 Responses to The Last Jedi: Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg Plush

  1. CMD says:

    Yes, fellow adults! Make this impulse buy! The only regret I feel about this purchase is that I will never be able to properly express how much joy this silly thing brings me. For a wholly reasonable price, you can have a Porg–a PORG! True to advertising, the little guy makes the sounds just like the ones in the movie. It flaps its wings and chirps, has incredibly soft fur, and is extremely, stupidly cute. True, you can hear the little mechanism whirring as the wings flap, but the pure happiness you feel as you watch it move overcomes…

  2. Susie L. Peringer says:

    Fabulous Amazing Adorable Porg!

  3. cartert9 says:


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