Toys and Games For kids: Over 100 toys and games for each developmental stages in children( Infants, toddler, preschool, etc)

Toy and play are the only way the highest intelligence of children can unfold~ Joseph Chilton Pearce. With over 150 indoor and Outdoor games for kids both in and out of school, this book teaches how to nurture skills, abilities and talents in kids at various developmental stages (Toddler, Preschool, School age, etc). It indicates each toys required for your child as he progresses, beginning from teething, vision, siting, crawling down to critical thinking, drawing and others. It direct you to know the best toy you child need at his age and also the best available on Amazon judging from different customer review on the available toys. As an added feature, it provides some important tips(outside toys and games) to help in nurture some abilities (locomotive, artistic, musical, critical reasoning, etc) in kids. It is a must book for Parents, schools and children bearing homes.

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