Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Travel Scavenger Hunt is the ultimate boredom beater and the perfect passenger for your next family road trip! To play, each player takes five cards and tries to locate various roadside objects. In addition, several funny “Hear It”, “Feel It”, and “Smell It” cards encourage kids to use all their travel senses by listening for sounds, feeling for bumps, and sniffing for scents. Even the most restless traveler will enjoy coming along for the ride!

Product Features

  • The Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids from University Games is great fun on a car trip
  • Kids love whiling away the miles searching for the objects found on the cards
  • Can you find a red car, a license plate with the letter ”Z,” or a stop sign?
  • Includes 54 scavenger hunt cards for 2 or more players, ages 7 and up
  • University Games offers you and your family creative games that are easy to learn and fun to play

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2 Responses to Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

  1. JK says:

    Good for populated regions We were on a 3500 mile road trip with our teenage grandsons and thought this would be a great way to fill in the time. While we were traveling through populated areas, it was easy to play; however, get out to the stretches in Nevada, Montana, etc., and it becomes nearly impossible to find the objects. Trying finding someone riding their bicycle or clothes hanging on a line in the middle of nowhere became rather funny. Perhaps they should come up with a game that incorporates things like,…

  2. MommaKess says:

    Beats the iPad! This game is SO MUCH FUN! My 8 year old used to complain about being bored in the car. After we get tired of telling her to look out the window, we usually hand her the iPad to keep herself entertained. But now we have this awesome game! We keep it in the back seat and play any time our car trips last more than 30 minutes or so. We usually pair up so the driver can play too. We all end up laughing and being silly…it truly creates some wonderful family memories. Even my 17 year old…

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