Ver-Baby Musical Kids Guitar Toy Instrument Electronic Playset

Every youngster loves music, especially if they can create it themselves. This child’s guitar will bring a smile to your toddler’s face every time they pick it up. Designed for ages 18 months+, this instrument has five differently-colored instrument buttons to choose from (accordion, keyboard, saxophone, horn, and electric guitar). It also has 10 additional sound buttons that mix and match to delight your little one. University studies have proven that making music can radically increase a child’s intellectual development. This toy is specially designed to help your young one develop their linguistic and memorizing abilities and color cognition. This joyful instrument will keep your tots entertained while helping their brains to develop. Toddlers will want to spend hours experimenting with an infinite number of variations while making their own special brand of music. They will laugh and sing and dance while they develop their own joyful music. Heck, they might even get you to sing along!

Description: This toddler’s play guitar comes in two color schemes: blue and white, and two different shades of pink. It has five different instrument options (accordion, keyboard, saxophone, horn, and electric guitar), plus ten other buttons that work together to make a wide variety of happy sounds. Perfectly designed for ages 18 months and above, this toy comes equipped with a child size handle to make transport from room to room easier. It is made of safe, durable plastic and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Product Features

  • Kids dynamic guitar designed for ages 18 months and up is more than just a guitar! It is also an accordion, keyboard, saxophone, horn and electric guitar!
  • The guitar is made of child friendly durable plastic and is available in two different color schemes!
  • Toddlers will spend hours with an infinite number of variations making their very own special brand of music.
  • With 5 different instrument options and 10 other sound buttons your child instantly becomes a real life “one man band”!
  • Watch as your child sings and dances while they literally dance to the rhythm of their own heart.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fortunately, I have not experienced the premature death of my guitar like the other reviewer. I gave it to my daughter to test and she’s been working with it (and my nerves!) for a few hours. Unfortunately, it’s a completely different color than pictured. I expected a blue, yellow and green guitar – in got a pink purple and white guitar. This is intended for a little boy. I don’t really care too much about color – boys can wear pink too, just as girls can wear camo. The description does mention…

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