VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Busy Learners Activity Cube

Exploration and fun is around every corner with the Busy Learner’s Activity Cube by VTech. Featuring five sides to explore, this play cube attracts your baby’s attention and encourages imaginative play with music, light-up buttons, colors and more. Shape and animal buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds, and shapes. Press and slide musical instrument buttons introduce instrument names, sounds, and colors. Sliding, spinning blocks promote interaction and fine motor skill development. This interactive cube also plays fun sounds when it’s moved. Plays 25 sing-along songs and melodies.

About VTech

VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category, is a world leader in age-appropriate learning toys. Since 1976, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products for children from birth to tween. VTech toys deliver “smart play” through the combination of entertaining electronic formats and engaging, age-appropriate content that helps children learn while having fun.

Top Features
  • 5 sides of play encourage discovery and exploration
  • 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes
  • 14 interactive features develop fine motor skills
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention
  • 25 playful songs and melodies keep little ones engaged
  • Parent-friendly features include volume control for quieter play, durable design and automatic shut off

Product Features

  • 2 AAA batteries included for demo, Works Best With the Recommended Polaroid AAA batteries Block toy is made of BPA-free plastic and has adjustable volume, auto shut-off
  • Kids learning toy has 5 sides that encourage exploration; 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes
  • Pre-K learning toy has 14 interactive features that develop motor skills; music cube assists babies with sitting up to play
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention and encourage crawling
  • Early learning center has 25 playful songs and melodies that keep toddlers 6 month to 3 year olds engaged and entertained; comes fully assembled

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3 Responses to VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

  1. Christina says:

    Baby’s Favorite Where do I even begin…this toy is a MUST HAVE. Yes, the songs and voices are annoying and you will find yourself singing the songs in your sleep but it is worth it. My 6 month old is obsessed with this toy. It is one of the few toys I can set her on the floor with and do housework without her getting bored and angry.The top side has 4 buttons (circle, triangle, star, square) each with an animal picture in them (circle-bird, triangle-cow, square-cat, star-dog). They have animal sounds,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought this for a local shelter family that requested age appropriate learning toys for a 2 year old. So, I can only speak about the toy itself and not the use of it by a child. It seems pretty sturdy. The voice speaks clearly and there is an off switch as well as two volume settings. I didn’t feel that this was obnoxious as some toys can be but everyone has their own tolerance levels. It comes with 2 AA batteries but notes that they are for display purposes and recommends new ones. It’s…

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