VTech Touch and Teach Elephant Book

Go on an adventure with the Touch & Teach Elephant by VTech and learn numbers, letters, first words and more while exploring 16 interactive pages. Press the light-up buttons to interact with the book and hear playful music.

Product Features

  • Innovative and educational
  • Toy book has 16 interactive story book pages; explore letters, shapes and more with colorful pictures
  • Early education center has 150 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases; pre-K learning toy has question button that tests your child’s comprehension skills
  • Press the 8 animal and number buttons on the learning toy to learn about animals and numbers or hear piano sounds
  • Early educational toy has four light-up buttons that interact with the story and answer questions; baby book roller ball responds with playful sound effects
  • Elephant toy baby book is intended for kids 1 to 3 years old; operates on the 2 included AA batteries

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2 Responses to VTech Touch and Teach Elephant Book

  1. eternalgreenknight says:

    Great for getting woken up with Little one loves this. Unfortunately, unlike most similar things that just power down or say something once or twice before powering down this will lie in wait like a highly trained sniper to ambush your senses all on its own at 1:30am singing its song: “Elephant wants you to go on a learning adventure! Open the book, there is much to explore!” I am ready to reenact the scene from Office Space. You know the one. But I won’t. She loves this thing. It’s a cute little learning aid…

  2. PhillyCamper says:

    Keeps his interest Very cool.Pros – colorful. Lots of noisy buttons. Great for baby to grow with it. pages are laminated so they don’t rip and can withstand chewing and droll. Not heavy (my little guys likes to flip things over and sometimes onto himself). easy for baby to learn how to turn on and off (switch has little hole for tiny fingers). Not too loud or noisy. packaging was easy to open, pull out and play with.Cons – Can’t really think of any other than the fact I got it for my 9 month old and…

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